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Historical Data

This is a collection of various items of historical interest. If you have something to contribute, please send us an email. We'll gladly incorporate it in this website and give you full credit.

  1. A DCL Fisherman's Map from 1952. The map, downloadable here, was provided to us by Chris Nichols (POA) who found it apparently while cleaning up some documents. It's a scan of a Deep Creek Lake Fisherman's Map, probably published in 1953, since it references information dated 1952. Aside from fish management practices, it probably does not have much scientific value, but…, references are made to water quality measures, suggesting that actual measurements are made! The map was co-published by the "Game and Inland Fish Commission," which appears to have been merged eventually within the DNR. The map also shows some knowledge of depths and temperatures, so perhaps there is such data too. A treasure hunt…
  2. Maryland Geological Survey - Volume Two - 1898An interesting report how in the earlier days map-makers produced maps of Maryland.
  3. Twenty-First Annual Report of the Maryland Bureau of Mines - 1943An interesting report on coal mining statistics, with discussions and data on coal mining in Garrett County.
  4. Memorial of Edward Bennett Mathews - 1944Edward Bennet Matthews did most of the early survey maps of Garrett County.
  5. A Night to Remember When a massive B-52 bomber crashed in Garrett County in the winter of 1964.
  6. Einstein in Western maryland An article by Frances M. Tam about Albert Einstein's vacationing for two weeks at Deep Creek Lake in 1946. See also here and here.
  7. Military Lots Map of Military Lots assigned to soldiers, Garrett County, Maryland. 1787.
  8. John Grant A very important person who preserved the history of Garrett County.
  9. Garrett County and The Underground Railroad History of Garrett County with escape routes for the Underground Railroad.
  10. Legacy of Slavery in Maryland This is a wonderful rsource about the impact o slavery in Mayland.
  11. Garrett county:v.2, Maryland Geological Survey, Jan 1902. A Google book; a report on the physical features of Garrett County. This volume is the third of a series of reports on county resources, and is accompanied by large scale topographic and geological maps.
  12. Books by Edward Bennet Mathews published by Barnes & Nobles A series of books on historic Garrett County by the Maryland Geologiccal Survey.
  13. The maps and map-makers of Maryland, including ... . Mathews, Edward Bennett, b. 1869. Edward Bennett Mathews was the chief of Maryland USGS during the years that Deep Creek Lake was being conceived.
  14. The Wagon Roads of Western Maryland, 2010 An inyeresting article about roads to Western Maryland.
  15. History of Garrett County A brief history of Garrett County