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General Information

This is a collection of web pages with general information

  1. About Water - Things you should know about water.
  2. Acronyms - A list of acronyms used on this website.
  3. Algae - Background information about blue-green algae.
  4. Annual Reports - Collection of annual reports by the deepcreekhdro owners.
  5. Changes - A list of changes that have been made to this website.
  6. Donations Accepted - Donations are accepted to help defray some of the costs of doing this work.
  7. FAQ - A list of frequently asked questions.
  8. Evaporation - Resources to compute evaporation for Deep Creek Lake.
  9. Glossary - A list of definitions of important terms.
  10. History - Various historical items about Deep Creek Lake.
  11. Legal - Legal documents that affect Deep Creek Lake.
  12. Letters to the Editor - Letters to the Editor of the Republican Newspaper of Garrett County, published, unpublished and unsubmitted.
  13. Marcellus Shale - A collection of links and documents that hopefully can be a resource for making an informed decision.
  14. Musings on Various Topics - Articles on various areas of interest as they come up in our discussions.
  15. Myths - Various items seemingly true but false in reality.
  16. Of Note - Noting that this site is always in the making!
  17. Permits - Permits that affect the users of Deep Creek Lake.
  18. PPRP Reports - Reports on Deep Creek Lake by the Maryland Power Plant Research Program.
  19. Site Map - A complete set of links to all pages on this website in XML format.
  20. Stakeholders - A comprehensive list of stakeholders of Deep Creek Lake.
  21. Studies - Studies by various Organizations about Deep Creek Lake Issues.
  22. The Environment - General Information about Environmental Issues
  23. Tips - Various tips to be a good stakeholder.
  24. To Be Fixed - A list of things to be fixed.
  25. Tools - A list of tools and resources that have been used in physically making this website.
  26. Useful Sources - A list of other organizations benefiting the stakeholders.
  27. Wiki - Contributions to the website by you.