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A record of major changes made to this website. This is data that was originally posted on the home page at the date indicated. This was started on 5/1/2012.

Changes on: 12/24/2012:

  1. Included an example "Easement Agreement" for the buydown in the Buydown section.

Changes on: 12/23/2012:

  1. Added a set of references to "Info->History" of documents that reflect history affecting Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake.

Changes on: 12/21/2012:

  1. Edited bad text on various pages; added the "Algae" topic to "Info"; updated menu items. Added at the top a Google Search box that searches just the website.

Changes on: 12/14/2012:

  1. Checked the whole site. for broken links with "scrutiny" and fixed them so that the site is clean. Added an updated site map in "Info". Added to "Documents."

Changes on: 12/13/2012:

  1. Added a lot of new reference documents that I have collected from elsewhere on the web. They are organized in a set of new folders under the "info" menu item. These new folders/categories are: Studies, Permits, Annual Reports, PPRP Reports, and History.

Changes on: 12/10/2012:

  1. Back after along hiatus! We hope to add a significant amount of information in the following weeks. The last 3 to 4 months has seen us engaged in developing software to process and analyze the bathymetric data collected by DNR earlier this year, over 600,000 data points. We have converted those into maps for over 30 coves/areas around the lake. These maps should tell the local property owners when they have sufficient water depth to operate their boats.
    On the side menu go to: Projects->Bathymetry or on the top menu, on the photograph of the sunrise, click on Projects and go to item 11.
  2. At a recent "State of the Lake" address by Secretary John Griffin of DNR he stated the obvious, but something that some people don't seem to understand: "Everyone is entitled to have their opinion, but they are not entitled to make up their own facts." We at SPORE emphasize the facts. Anyone can check.
  3. Added a new category under "Info" called "Letters." These are letters to the Editor of the local newspaper "The Republican." They are in response to issues that are raised about the lake that are not well informed and generally wrong. We believe it to be important to attempt to set the record straight.

Changes on: 7/21/2012:

  1. Added Marcellus Shale as a project under -Projects- and an article of one person's viewpoint.

Changes on: 7/20/2012:

  1. Added descriptive paragraph on the home page to provide a introduction to this website.

Changes on: 7/17/2012:

  1. Back from a hiatus. Added two new category under -Info- called -documents- and -tasks-. Documents lists several important documents that are generally not easily accessible, including the water use permit for Brookfield Power. Tasks contains a list of things we want to do but don't have the resources to do them.

Changes on: 6/6/2012:

  1. Added two documents about local economics studies performed by the Chamber of Commerce to the -Projects->Watershed Economics- section.

Changes on: 6/5/2012:

  1. Added -Donations Accepted- to the -Info- menu item which describes some of things we would like to do

Changes on: 6/4/2012:

  1. Added three slide shows (actually moved them from an area not easily accessible).
  2. Corrected a number of typos
  3. Restructured some file locations for easier maintenance
  4. Added the old fisherman's map to the map section
  5. Moved older update descriptions from this page

Changes on: 5/29/2012:

  1. Redone the home page by adding an image and a menu with the main items.
  2. Added a section with -slide shows- to make that more prominent.
  3. Various small reorganizations and adding/modifying text.

Changes on: 5/21/2012:

  1. Continue checking and fixing the website for consistent html using "Checksite.".

Changes on: 5/20/2012:

  1. Changed the DTD from strict to transitional.
  2. Continue checking and fixing the website for consistent html using "Checksite.".

Changes on: 5/19/2012:

  1. Added a page describing some of the things that need to be fixed to be standards compliant. See Info -> To Be Fixed.
  2. Added a -favicon-
  3. Made various minor corrections that are only seen "underneath."
  4. Replaced in various places link place holders (#) for with actual links.

Changes on: 5/17/2012:

  1. Added a photograph clearly indicating that groundwater is flowing into the lake. See it explained in Projects -> Groundwater.
  2. Update a link to Marcellus Shale. See it in Projects -> Marcellus Shale.

Changes on: 5/13/2012:

  1. Added a short treatise on “Shoreline Erosion“ under Projects->Shoreline Erosion->A Treatise for DCL
  2. Corrected some html and css errors and inconsistencies as uncovered with the “CheckSite“ application.

Changes on: 5/10/2012:

  1. Added to the sandbox under -Projects- called -Sandbox- to test Google Map APIs. Check the last item. That's were we're heading. Click on the markers.

Changes on: 5/8/2012:

  1. Added a new page under -Info- called -Tools- to begin to describe the tools that we use in putting this website together.

Changes on: 5/7/2012:

  1. Added a new page under -Info- called -Water- with some interesting facts about this liquid.

Changes on: 5/4/2012 and 5/5/2012 and 5/6/2012:

  1. Cleaned up some CSS and text and fixed a lot of broken links. Moved items into more logical locations( folders)No broken links today!

Changes on: 5/3/2012:

  1. Provided access to all of the Buy Down maps.

Changes on: 5/2/2012:

  1. Got the -sandbox- items working

Changes on: 5/1/2012:

  1. Added the -historical- category under the -Data- menu and included a 1952 Fisherman's map.
  2. Added -Storm Water Management- under the -Projects- menu where we will explain what is generally involved with managing the runoff from rain. When properly managed, which is a responsibility of the property owner, runoff from rain is clean water that can be safely discharged into the lake.
  3. This front page change notification section was added today because the site is getting larger and searching for what has changed becomes more difficult. The next time the website is updated, this description of the changes will be moved to a -Changes- category under the -Info- menu item, also implemented today.
  4. Our focus at the moment is on things what we learned at the Policy Review Board meeting, held on 4/30/2012 at the Discovery Center. At that meeting we formally introduced ourselves, the SPORE group, of our existence and our mission. A major topic at the meeting was stormwater management, resulting in adding that topic to our basket of things to work on. We continue our work on developing our understanding of shoreline erosion developing mitigation recommendations.
  5. Added the -Useful Sources- with links to organizations that may have helpful data for Deep Creek Lake.
  6. Added the -Sandbox- project under the -Project- menu to explore the Google Map API for indexing into lake related maps.
  7. Added -Acronyms- to the -Info- menu (previously called -Glossary-).
  8. Added a lot of definitions of terms to the -Glossary- menu item under -Info-
  9. Added submenu items to the left-hand side menu
  10. Added -Marcellus Shale- to the -Projects- menu and a corresponding web page with a link to an FAQ