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Accepting Donations

We're accepting donations to help defray some of the costs associated with the things that we want to accomplish. Most of the moneys will go to students of local area high schools or colleges who can help us in our work, while being educated, by either doing some labor-intensive work, such as developing a database from public records, or by working on projects for which they can earn educational credits.

If you like to contribute your own time to some of our needs, that is greatly appreciated as well. Contact us at any of the means given in the top menu under -Contact- as to how you can help us.

  1. Develop a database of all the water wells surrounding the lake (this information is currently mostly in paper format).
  2. Develop a bibliography of all of the Deep Creek Lake relevant documents that we have. (We currently have several hundred documents)
  3. Purchase maps and photos for the website and journal article reprints to assist in the analysis of scientific data.
  4. Commission a graphic artist to creating drawings and sketches for various educational articles for placement on the website.
  5. Purchase of software products that could enhance our data analysis and website presentation. We try not to reinvent things and use materials that are available on the Internet.
  6. Design and purchase rack cards for advertising the website to area visitors.
  7. A real-time water quality monitoring station (ph, temperature, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll etc.)

In addition the the relatively small items discussed above we see the need for semester- or even year-long projects that students can perform under the supervision of appropriate college or university faculty, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. The following are some of the projects that we like to see performed.

  1. Water Budget Model
  2. GIS of Deep Creek Lake
  3. Inventory of SAV
  4. A Detailed Shoreline Erosion report with mitigation measures.
  5. Extend the aerial photography analysis of shoreline alteration to the northern part of the lake.