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In the course of our investigation into the various issues around the lake we come across topics that people have expressed an interest in. We discuss it in our group and may or may not produce some kind of written document on it. This section of the website collects these "musings" that may hopefully find an application at some time in the future.

The following is a list of some of that writing:

  1. Managing the Lake - by Pete Versteegen - 8/29/2012 - Various options for managing the lake
  2. Repairing Hydro Turbines - by Pete Versteegen - 8/20/2012 - POA to discuss
  3. Lake Levels - by Pete Versteegen - 8/18/2012 - A use for bathymetry
  4. Lake Levels - by Pete Versteegen - 8/06/2012 - POA to discuss
  5. Ground Water - by Morgan France - 7/26/2012 - A Preliminary Plan to Study Groundwater