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A collection of tips that will help keep Deep Creek Lake clean and healthy.

  1. When is the best time to fertilize my lawn? -

    Experts advise residents in the MidAtlantic region to fertilize lawns in the fall. This will help ensure that your lawn grows strong, with healthy roots. However, it is important to remember that fertilizers contain nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) that can harm water quality if they make it into the lake (directly or via its tributaries or storm drains). Nitrogen pollution is particularly a major concern.

    If you're planning to fertilize, hold off until drier weather. Fertilizing with rain in the forecast means that fertilizer will wash away into a storm drain or groundwater, which lead directly into the lake or to local streams that flow into the lake. When you are ready to fertilize, consider getting the soil tested by the Extension Service to find out exactly which nutrients your lawn needs, and then only apply the amount and type of fertilizer needed.