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As you're well aware of, there are many issues to be addressed for Deep Creek Lake, and it's easy to wander off in different directions. To help focus on specific ones we're trying to define the issues as projects. This page lists those projects, and if we're actively working on them, and it could be as little as an hour per week, there is a link to a page that gives more in-depth information. The projects are listed in NO order of preference, importance, or urgency.

  1. The Bathymetry of Deep Creek Lake - The water depth of the whole lake was measured by DNR in the spring of 2012. This resulted in over 600,000 data points. This data was massaged by us over a 4 month period and has resulted in detailed maps of most of the coves around the lake. Here you can find those maps and a description of much of the work that went into it.

  2. Boat Wakes - The wakes from boats are often pointed to as the culprit of much of the erosion occurring at the lakeshore. This project looks at at the available evidence in the literature of the effects of boat wakes on erosion of shorelines.

  3. Buydown Maps - Here is a full set of the buydown maps and the agreement you had to sign when you purchase the buydown property.
  4. Communications - While not part of our scientific work, communicating results of our work, or communication among those that have an interest in Deep Creek Lake issues, is turning out to be a very important issue. We attempt to address that here.

  5. Watershed Economics - Clearly, everything eventually revolves about economics. Here we address economics and finance.

  6. Groundwater - Part of the water budget problem is understanding where the ground water comes from and how it recharges the lake. A side issue is how far of a setback from the lakeshore for Marcellus Shale and similar drilling operations one should set to ensure that the ground water flowing into the lake does not become contaminated. An image of groundwater flowing into the lake can be found here.

  7. Section Maps - Different types of maps of your immediate area on the lake.

  8. Shoreline Erosion. - We suspect that the sediment in the lake is mostly the result of shoreline erosion, at least in the last decade. The current study by DNR (Phase II of the Sediment and Erosion Study - Spring 2012), should provide some of those answers. Nevertheless, shoreline erosion is a severe problem. This task, or project, aims to assess the problem and suggest solutions. This issue is, in part, documented here with a set of photographs taken of the shoreline in the southern part of the lake during the spring of 2012. Good and bad practices are highlighted.

  9. Stormwater Management - Various issues dealing with managing stormwater runoff into the lake.

  10. DNR Sedimentation Study - DNR, in recent times, has become quite active in studying certain lake issues. This year, 2012, they were scheduled to execute Phase II of the Sedimentation Study, as it's commonly referred to. Our group has critiqued their proposed work statement. Our results are reported here.

  11. Water Budget. - For boaters, the most important issue is how to keep the water level sufficiently high during the prime boating season. To better understand how to regulate the water level of the lake is a complex issue. This task examines these issues from all perspectives.

  12. Water Quality - Maintaing good water quality is clearly important to assure visitors to the county that recreation in Deep Creek Lake is safe.

  13. Zoning Map - An examination of zoning issues.