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One of our challenges is to communicate scientific results and consequences to those that don't have the technical background or the time to dig into the details. "The Future Well-Being of Deep Creek Lake" workshops, sponsored by the POA, were the result of such "communication problems." The various organizations dealing with Deep Creek issues were not talking to each other. The workshops brought much of that together.

Since one of us, Pete, organized the workshops, and developed the original version of this website as an approach of addressing some of the communication problems, we want to continue exploring this topic here on this website. Please chime in with your concerns and suggestions in the Your Say section of this website.

The 2nd Workshop

The 2nd workshop, as mentioned above, was in the form of a series of expert panels that addressed both prepared questions and questions from the floor on a specified topic. There were five topics discussed over the course of the day. It turned out to be the most popular topic, because no matter what issue one addressed, communicating the results or the ongoing efforts to others, be it individuals or organizations, was always at the core of the problem.

The workshop participants tasked the "Communications" panel members with developing a straw-man of how to resolve the communications problem. They struggled for several months and have come up with some ideas. We'll explore communications in the next sections.

Forms of Communications

One of us, outside of the communications panel, Pete, looked into the communication issue in a couple of articles. The first article was a result of the 1st workshop, and formed the basis of this website. This article can be downloaded here.

The second article is an outcome of the 2nd workshop. It's an assessment of the different types of communications and the various communication channels that are available to us, and the notion that each one of us has a preferred way of communicating. That article can be found here.

Where are we going with all of this? More to Come!