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We are working on the ‘water budget’ of the lake. That is, where does the water come from and where does it go. It seems like a simple concept, but there are many complicated issues to be understood in order to provide a meaningful answer.

We want to base our statements, conclusions and recommendations based on data that anyone can find and manipulate.

Hence, our first task is to collect data from the open literature (generally the web) that pertain to the water budget: weather, stream flows, evaporation, lake levels and permits. We will then develop first-order models of the lake based on the data so as to better understand what‘s going on. We will be reporting our results on this website as we make progress. So... check back regularly.

One of the important tasks is to gather observations, assess their reliability and accuracy, and display them in an easy to understand format. Below are starting points for some of the information we have gathered.

We subsequently branched out and defined our work in a set of projects. Go to the menu on the left hand side under projects to see the kind of things we‘re working on.

  1. A Collection of Charts of Measured Data - instrumented locations updated every day.
  2. Statistical Information - generally in the form of charts.
  3. A Collection of Maps and Drawings - generally difficult to find.
  4. A Collection of Photographs - images to present reality.
  5. A Collection of Links - documents and websites that we believe to be pertinent to the lake.
  6. Links to Projects - what we are working on as time permits.
  7. Tips to be a Better Stakeholder - generally about BPMs (Best Management Practices).
  8. Clarifications of Myths - of various stories and statements that are often heard.
  9. Bathymetry - of various various coves and area of the lake based on measurements made by DNR.
  10. Developing a Management Plan - of operating the lake equitably for all stakeholders.