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The following is a list of notes that documents various kinds of mathematical analyses and data reductions presentations that have been performed about certain issues.

Various reports and notes on how certain things were estimated.

  1. Worth of 1 ft lake water - One possibility that has been raised to maintain the lake water higher is to pay Brookfield for, say 1 ft, of water. How much is 1 ft of lake level worth to Brookfield Power? What's the approximate expense to a lake property owner, should this be considered?
  2. Daily Average Lake levels for 2012 - A graphic of the lake's 2012 lake level and power generation data.
  3. Height of Water over the Spillway - How high does the water flow over the dam in an extreme case of large rainfall?
  4. Outflows through the Generators - The monthly volumes of water flows through the generator over the years 2000-2011.
  5. The Water Budget of Deep Creek Lake - Determining where all the water goes that falls on the watershed is a very complicated process. This is one way to approach the problem.
  6. The stage-storage diagram - A plot of the volume of water in the lake as a function of lake level. This is particularly useful for the power company that operates the hydroelectric turbines, Brookfield Power.

Notes About How the Bathymetry was Generated

R is a computer language that has been used extensively to produce the various data reductions and presentations on this website. Note… this is just a partial listing. There are more to come.

The R Scripts

  1. CoveMap.R The R script that generates the actual bathymetric maps - Feb 2013
  2. CoveMap.R A writeup of the same item as above, but with more detailed explanations of the code. This web page was generated with Markup - Feb 2013